" We're excited to bring you this new approach soarable microlight aeroplane, and we're proud to be building it in the UK. "

- Roger Hurley

Be Independent

Most new gliders sold have engines – glider pilots want to be more independent and choose self-launch and self-retrieve.

A self-launch capability significantly increases the opportunity to fly when you want and from where you want. The certainty of return to base after soaring flight has become a pre-requisite. Just Fly More.

Add self-taxi capability and operational convenience improves too. GloW’s twin main wheels and steerable nosewheel mean the aircraft sits wings level and can be pilot manoeuvred before take-off and after landing.



By creating a microlight aircraft with soaring performance, engine off, we are providing microlight pilots with a new challenge. Cruise ability remains, but pure soaring flight or a combined cruise/soar profile becomes an interesting reality. The low-drag glide performance alone will be a revelation to microlight pilots.


" Get up and GloW! "



South East Midlands local enterprise partnershipK
Funded by Innovate UK
Supported by the Regional Fund Growth

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