The Technology : Airframe

Hybrid Microlight Aeroplane

Span 13.5m
Length 6.3m
Empty Mass c.180kg
MTOM 300kg
Load Limits +4g -2g
Max L/D about 36 (estimated)
Min Sink about 120 fpm (estimated)
Turbine – Titan, max thrust 390N
Electric Motor – Customised, Peak take-off output 7kW
Batteries - Options

Wireframe layout image


Although not regulated or subject to mandatory airworthiness approval, recognised standards are adopted.  We are following guidelines in the Standard Specification for Design & Performance of a Light Sport Glider – ASTM F2564 – published by ASTM International the global leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards.

Convential construction with unique hybrid power


Conventional all glass/epoxy shells made in female moulds. Aileron and elevator pushrod driven and mass balanced, elevator auto-connects on assembly. The rudder is cable driven, pedals adjust. Top surface pushrod driven Schempp type airbrakes. Sprung retractable mainwheel undercarriage electrically powered for taxi and take-off assist. Fixed steerable nosewheel. Front hinged one-piece acrylic canopy with clear-view/vent.

Standard components and glider parts

Standard Components

Using available components and parts significantly reduces risk, development time, and cost.

Our electric motor is a customised standard commercial item. Batteries, controllers, management and charging systems are all standard parts. Our turbine is a commercial item commonly used in very large models, drones and development concepts.

Importantly our primary component, the wing, is an available item proof-tested to JAR22 certification standards and with a long safe track-record.

All of these choices contribute to lower selling prices and lower cost of ownership.

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